Education built around values


From 1 to 5 years of age

Stage 1-5 years is vital for the formation of the student as a person both in learning of contents and learning to live with classmates. At this stage the bases of ‘AC 2 ‘ formation are established and developed, encouraging creativity, self-confidence and collaborative learning.

At this stage students come into contact with English in a relaxed atmosphere of games, songs and music in the presence of their teachers. Effective teaching depends on three main factors, an environment of caring and individual attention, imaginative stimuli and a playful atmosphere.

  • Baby Bears and Little Bears, from 1 to 3 years. We take pride in creating a personal and homely environment for children and their families. We believe every child deserves the best start in life and promote this belief to enable them to fulfil their potential.
  • In PS1 priority is given to listening comprehension in English.
  • In PS2 students come into contact with written English.
  • In PS3 they are introduced to literacy in Spanish and English, enabling them to recognize and write vocabulary, use structures and listen to stories in English in the library.

The Department of Pre-School Education places great emphasis on the imaginative stimulus of students, for example, through special sessions dedicated to various national celebrations like  St. David’s  (Wales),  St. Patrick’s  (Ireland) or  Thanksgiving  (USA). Other activities include visits to a school farm, the countryside, a town, city or the theater, among many others.

Finally, early years learning requires a relaxed atmosphere, songs, games, music and crafts are part of everyday experience of students in this important stage of their education.